Here are some guides, strategies, and tips and tricks that will help you get past some points in the game. Please take note that these guides are not complete walkthroughs for Final Fantasy VIII. If you want those, try GameFAQs. Also take note that guides here only tackle situations where Rinoa is present or where Rinoa will benefit the most.

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Rinoa and Squall in Ragnarok
Propagators and Forbidden Stones
Rinoa and Adel
Abusing Angel Wing


At the start of disk 4, you'll have a boss battle with Adel while Rinoa is junctioned with her. This battle is pretty easy if you know what you're doing. This strategy I present here is the one that I usually do when I battle with Adel.

Adel's Statistics
Description: Esthar's ruler before Laguna and company confined her. Released by Ultimecia, and regaining strength.
Attacks: Drain (usually used on Rinoa), Meteor, Energy Bomber, Swipe
Draw: Firaga, Thundaga, Blizzaga
Mug: (1) Samantha's Soul
Drop: (1) Samantha's Soul

Adel Stat Table

1 6000 46 32 59 42 35
10 15000 64 47 78 61 40
20 25000 83 65 98 82 44
30 35000 101 82 118 103 49
40 45000 120 100 137 124 53
46 51000 131 110 148 136 56

Rinoa's Statistics
Description: Rinoa being junctioned by Adel. Immobile, because Adel is absorbing her powers. Can be released by defeating Adel.
Attacks: N/A
Draw: Esuna, Dispel, Regen
Mug: (8) Megalixirs

Rinoa Stat Table

1 6021 4 1 65 1 20
10 6300 7 1 83 2 20
20 6800 10 1 102 3 20
30 7500 13 1 122 4 20
40 8400 15 1 141 6 20
46 9036 17 1 152 6 20

One thing to keep in mind is that you shouldn't kill Rinoa. Once Rinoa's killed, it's game over. So concentrate your attacks only and only on Adel. Avoid using GF's and Squall's Limit Breaks since usually his limits attack all enemies and in this case, it would also attack Rinoa.

It's a good idea to start of by casting Regen and Shell on Rinoa in order to protect her from the Drain spell of Adel. Next if you have Meltdown, cast it on Adel to lower her VIT to 0. Now after that just designate one healer on the group and let the other two attack Adel. Always remember to keep on healing Rinoa from time to time. If she says "Ahhhh..!", that means that she has way too low HP, so immediately heal her with Curaga if you have some. Also don't forget to re-cast Shell on her when her Shell runs out.

Don't forget, you can mug Rinoa to get the 8 Megalixirs which is pretty useful.

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