Here are some guides, strategies, and tips and tricks that will help you get past some points in the game. Please take note that these guides are not complete walkthroughs for Final Fantasy VIII. If you want those, try GameFAQs. Also take note that guides here only tackle situations where Rinoa is present or where Rinoa will benefit the most.

Rinoa floating in space
Rinoa and Squall in Ragnarok
Propagators and Forbidden Stones
Rinoa and Adel
Abusing Angel Wing


You may not follow the step-by-step instruction in defeating the Propagators if you want. If you just keep on killing them with no particular order and letting them revive, after some time, they'll just disappear. One of the good reasons not to kill them in order: they drop different type of stones such as Aura, Ultima, Meteor, Holy and Flare Stones that can be refined to Forbidden Magic. So if I were you and I have a descent level of characters, I'll grab this chance to stock up on Forbidden Stones which can be refined to their corresponding Forbidden Magic. As a note though that you won't level up your character here since the Propagators give 0 EXP.

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