Here are some guides, strategies, and tips and tricks that will help you get past some points in the game. Please take note that these guides are not complete walkthroughs for Final Fantasy VIII. If you want those, try GameFAQs. Also take note that guides here only tackle situations where Rinoa is present or where Rinoa will benefit the most.

Rinoa floating in space
Rinoa and Squall in Ragnarok
Propagators and Forbidden Stones
Rinoa and Adel
Abusing Angel Wing


Upon entering the Ragnarok after saving Rinoa, you'll encounter strange aliens called Propagators. There are eight Propagators and they come in pairs, which is distinguished by their color: green, purple, red and yellow. The trick here is to kill the Propagator's pair consecutively. So for example, the first Propagator you'll encounter is colored purple. Now you should look for the same colored Propagator and kill it. If you killed another color, let's say red, then the first one you've killed, the purple one, would be resurrected. You have to kill all to be able to access the elevator going to the cockpit.

There's only two playable characters in your party, Rinoa and Squall, so it might seem like a difficult battle. In order to defeat them easily, I suggest that you junction 100 Sleep, 100 Pain or 100 Blind to Status-Atk. If that's not available, just make sure that at least one of your characters is protected against Silence. You can draw and cast Esuna and Cura from them. Also at this part, you cannot use Rinoa's limit break Combine since Angelo stayed down at Earth. But Rinoa has now access to her new limit break, Angel Wing. So you might wanna use that.

Propagator Stat's:
Description: A monster living in the Spaceship Ragnarok. Very violent in nature, it attacks anything that moves within the ship.
Attacks: Bitebite, Silence, Blind, Thundaga
Draw: Thundaga, Curaga, Esuna, Life
Mug: Wizard stones
Drop: Flare, Meteor, Aura, Death, Shell, Protect, Holy or Ultima Stones

Propagator Stat Table
1 1100 42 36 1 38 76
10 2000 60 37 8 38 77
20 3000 81 38 16 38 78
30 4000 101 39 24 38 79
40 5000 122 41 31 39 79
42 5200 126 41 33 39 80

Below is a detailed description and the where-abouts of the Propagators. You could also see the Ragnarok map scanned from my Ultimania Guide. Now, it would be easier to point out where the different colored Propagators are.

Now once you've defeated all the Propagators, go up the elevator where the last green Propagator was and watch the succeeding cutscenes.

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