Here are some guides, strategies, and tips and tricks that will help you get past some points in the game. Please take note that these guides are not complete walkthroughs for Final Fantasy VIII. If you want those, try GameFAQs. Also take note that guides here only tackle situations where Rinoa is present or where Rinoa will benefit the most.

Rinoa floating in space
Rinoa and Squall in Ragnarok
Propagators and Forbidden Stones
Rinoa and Adel
Abusing Angel Wing


This one is on disk three. After Rinoa releases Adel in her tomb, she aimlessly floats in space. This is actually a very easy mini-game.

After Squall exits the space chamber, Rinoa is automatically in the center of your screen. You might not see her immediately but she's a small speck there. Do not let the camera fall downwards continuously. Just use the D-pad (directional buttons) and always keep Rinoa in the center. If you want, press triangle to secure Rinoa's position.

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