097There Be Dragons (Heather Graham)
096The Lady Chosen (Stephanie Laurens) and Taming the Scotsmans (Kinley MacGregor)
095To Beguile A Beast (Elizabeth Hoyt)
094Theme: Flowers
093Duchess By Night (Eloisa James)
092Theme: Lean on Me
091Defy Not The Heart (Joanna Lindsey) & This Heart of Mine (Bertrice Small)
090When the Duke Returns (Eloisa James)
089To Seduce A Sinner (Elizabeth Hoyt)
088Theme: Red
087Mine Til Midnight (Lisa Kleypas)
086Tempt Me At Twilight (Lisa Kleypas)
085Lady of The Glen & Lady of Sherwood (Jennifer Roberson)
084In Bed of a Duke (Cathy Maxwell)
083Seduce Me At Sunrise (Lisa Kleypas)
082The Chronicles of the Cheysuli (Jennifer Roberson)
081Theme: Create your own book cover
080Theme: Objects
079Worth Any Price (Lisa Kleypas)
078The Rake (Suzanne Enoch) & England's Perfect Hero (Suzanne Enoch)
077Theme: Black & White with light textures
076The Taming of the Duke (Eloisa James)
075To Taste Temptation (Elizabeth Hoyt) & The Marriage Prize (Virginia Henley)
074Theme: Free-for-all
073Gentle Rogue (Johanna Lindsey) & Corinna (Kathleen McGregor)
072Theme: Black & White
071Your Wicked Ways (Eloisa James) & Duchess in Love (Eloisa James)
070Theme: Embraces
069Theme: Zoomed-in/Macro
068The Vampire Who Loved Me (Teresa Madeiros)
067Theme: Faces
066Theme: Header Layout
065Her Every Pleasure (Gaelen Foley) & Her Only Desire (Gaelen Foley) & Her Secret Fantsy (Gaelen Foley)
064Theme: Select Your Own Scan From Gallery)
063Challenge to Honor (Jennifer Blake) & Rogue's Salute (Jennifer Blake)
062Heart of Honor (Kat Martin)
061Theme: Wardrobe Malfunctions
060Much Ado About You (Eloisa James)
059Lord of Scoundrels (Loretta CHase)
058And the Bride Wore PLaid (Karen Hawkins)
057Theme: Chinese & Taiwanese covers
056Dreaming of You (Lisa Kleypas) & Insatiable (Virginia Henley)
055Prisoner of My Desire (Johanna Lindsay) & Notorious (Virginia Henley)
054Lady Raven (Connie Mason) & Only With Your Love (Lisa Kleypas)
053Infamous (Virginia Henley) & The Marriage Prize (Virginia Henley)
052Theme: Couples holding hands
051Tuscany (Deborah Johns) & Suddenly You (Lisa Kleypas)
050Theme: Forms of Transportation
049Theme: Winter
048Lord of Temptation (Paula Quinn) & Skye O'Malley (Bertrice Small)
047Theme: Banner with more than one cover
046Confessions of a Scoundrel (Karen Hawkins)
045Theme: Dancing
044The King's Pleasure (Shannon Drake) & Unmasked (Virginia Henley)
043Theme: Forbidden Words
042The Chase (Lynsay Sands) & Irresistible (Catherin Hart)
041Theme: Nighttime
040Theme: Red
039Theme: Fully Clothed Hero/Heroine
038Theme: Romance Cliches
037To Sir Phillip With Love (Julia Quinn)
036The Secret Diaries of Miranda Cheever (Julia Quinn)
035Theme: Covers of the sea with or without people
034His Every Kiss (Laura Lee Guhrke)
033Theme: Hero/Heroine outside
032Theme: Couples not touching each other
031No Marriage of Convenience (Elizabeth Boyle) & Still In My Heart (Kathryn Smith)
030Prince of Dreams (Lisa Kleypas) & Claiming the Highlander (Kinley MacGregor)
029By Design (Madeline Hunter)
028Devil in Winter (Lisa Kleypas)
027Something About Emmaline (Elizabeth Boyle)
026Everything and the Moon (Julia Quinn) & Love With a Proper Husband (Victoria Alexander)
025Only With Your Love (Lisa Kleypas) & A Lady of his Own (Stephanie Laurens)
024Her Officer and Gentleman (Karen Hawkins)
023It's In His Kiss (Julia Quinn)
022Stranger in my Arms (Lisa Kleypas) & Suddenly You (Lisa Kleypas)
021Lord of Fire (Gaelen Foley) & One Night of Sin (Gaelen Foley)
020Her Master and Commander (Karen Hawkins)
019Again the Magic (Lisa Kleypas)
018Lady in Red (Karen Hawkins)
017Then Came You (Lisa Kleypas) & A Rake's Vow (Stephanie Laurens)
016By Possession (Madeline Hunter)
015Because of You (Cathy Maxwell) & The Ideal Bride (Stephanie Laurens)
014Kiss Me, Annabel (Eloisa James)
013Love According to Lily (Julianne Maclean)
012Only a Duke Will Do (Sabrina Jeffries)
011The Sinful Nights of a Nobleman (Jillian Hunter)
010A Dangerous Love (Sabrina Jeffries) & The Admiral's Daughter (Sandra Madden)
009Romancing Mister Bridgerton (Julia Quinn)
008By Arrangement (Madeline Hunter)
007It Happened One Autumn (Lisa Kleypas)
006The Wicked Games of a Gentleman (Jullian Hunter)
005Shadow Magic (Karen Widdon) & My Lady's Trust (Julia Justiss)
004Lady Sophia's Lover (Lisa Kleypas)
003The Duke and I (Julia Quinn)
002The Seduction (Nicole Jordan)
001On the Way to the Wedding (Julia Quinn)

Special Challenge

001Theme: Banners
002Theme: Black & White
003Theme: Textless
004Theme: Lyrics: Fools Rush In (Elvis Presley) & Bones (The Killers) & I Will Follow You Into the Dark (Death Cab For Cutie)
005Theme: Text-only
006Theme: One person only
007Theme: Landscapes
008Theme: Black and White with a Touch of Color
009Theme: Green
010Theme: Dresses
011Theme: Shirtless Men
Extra 012Theme: In the Bedroom
The Wedding Bargain (Victoria Alexander) & This Rake of Mine (Elizabeth Boyle) & The Challenge (Edith Layton) & Surrender of a Scoundrel (Julianne Maclean) & Elusive Passion (Kathryn Smith)
013Theme: Dark Hair